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    ~* hime's new intro *~ Empty ~* hime's new intro *~

    Post  hime on Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:49 am

    hey old members, i think we should do like fashionistica recommended and make intros for ourselves in this section!!! it's fun and also helpful for new forum members. plus i wana see what u bitches have to say about yourselves ;p

    i'm hime. i'm 22 as of last friday and i live in west philadelphia and love it even though it's a shithole. i'm half white and half asian (quarter chinese and quarter japanese but my family is very japanese culturally so i mostly say i am half jap.) i had to drop out of college when i started transitioning and my parents refused to keep supporting me. Now i support myself by working part-time at a fierce-azz couture boutique and doing $ex work. I'm on much better terms with my parents these days and slowly working towards going back to school.

    ~* hime's new intro *~ 9qvkms
    here's me all dolled up for an experimental short film i'm working on with a friend. dont hate lol i like this pic~

    i'm very crazy. i love weird art and avant-garde stuff. my fave designer is alexander mcqueen, my fave singer is bjork and i am obsessed with pop culture in all its forms. i smoke tons of weed and party as often as i can. i LOVE clothes, fashion and fashion design. my personal style is a mix of art school girl, fierce 1950s housewife, ~elegant, tasteful call girl~, and glammed out 1920s silent movie starlet. my dream is to be a well known avant-garde filmmaker/artist/designer/diva. i'm single and have been having lots of aggravating romance troubles lately!

    ok now all of u make intros quick!! xoxo

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    Post  lemon on Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:06 pm

    love the pic gorgeous editorial bjork etc

    we both love pop culture mcqueen bjork & fashion so ur basically my long lost half azn sister nice to meet u darling cherry

    ~* hime's new intro *~ 11sf813

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